Situations where American Trust Home Buyers has been able to help a seller.

At American Trust Home Buyers, we help those looking to sell a house quickly, with no drama. As investors, we understand that it’s difficult to maintain properties over time, and specialize in buying properties in need of repair (no matter how severe), or properties that need to be sold within just a few days.

We’re the ‘no fuss, no muss’ solution – whether your property is just outdated, has serious foundation issues, or even has experienced a major fire or other structural issue.

Here are just a few examples of the hundreds of sellers we’ve been able to help, based on situation:

Problem Rental

Robert’s home had been destroyed by his most recent tenant. On top of over $7,000 in repairs needed, by the time the tenant was finally our of the home, Robert had lost almost 4 months of rent, paid an eviction service, missed work a few days, and had several sleepless nights. We were able to buy his property ‘as is’ (he didn’t need to do any repairs), and close in less than a week to allow Robert to move on with his life.

Death of a Loved One / Inheritance


Sandra had recently lost her mother to cancer after a long battle in the home she grew up in. It was a difficult decision to sell the home, which had been in the family for 43 years…but the updating and work needed to rehab the property was daunting. The house had ‘good bones’, but needed nearly $50,000 in repairs and updating, as the home was ‘clean’, but not ‘retail ready’ for a new home owner. We were able to quickly purchase the home to ease Sandra’s pain, and make it beautiful again for another family to enjoy for the next 40 years!

Easy Sale Needed

Easy Sale Needed

Tom and his wife had lived in the home for almost 50 years. His wife had serious health issues, and listing the home for sale with a Realtor and having random people come in and out for ‘showings’ just wasn’t an option. Plus, the house needed many updates to get it ready for sale. We were able to discretely purchase the home, and give them the 40 days they needed to get their affairs in order and move on. We can close as ‘fast’ or ‘slow’ as needed to meet your requirements.

Fire in Home

Fire Before

Sheila’s family home nearly burned to the ground. Fortunately, nobody was hurt, but her family and life were thrown into shambles. Dealing with the insurance company, city code compliance, contractors, and upset neighbors was just too much for her, particularly given that her family didn’t particularly ‘love’ the home. We held their hands to move on quickly, and helped ensure the city that we’d move quickly to secure the property from vandals. We were able to completely rebuild the home to where no one could ever tell there had even been a fire. It went from being the neighborhood ‘eye sore’ to the nicest home on the street!Fire After


Sasha had divorced her husband a few years earlier, and the maintenance and upkeep of her home (with pets and teenage children) was just too much for her to deal with anymore. The house had tons of ‘deferred maintenance’, and many different temporary repairs in place. The one think she did have was ‘equity’ in her house. We were able to quickly buy it, take the burden off per plate, and allow her to ‘cash out’ to move into a lower maintenance home that didn’t need repairs.

Major Foundation Issues

Foundation Issues

Foundation issues are common in Texas. Some damages are much worse than others. Luis had a home with some of the worst foundation issues we’ve seen, and the cost of repairs and associated plumbing issues were just too much to deal with. We quickly purchased his property, and his problems became ours. Luis was able to move on quickly without lifting a finger.