“The Other Investor Came Back And Tried To Re-Negotiate… But American Trust Home Buyers Actually Bought My House For Cash In 5 Days!”

Did you know that the usual investor-offer is not a real-cash-offer and that they may cancel their agreement to buy your Mesquite house?

It’s no secret that there are many out there advertising “We buy houses Mesquite” throughout the web and on poster boards.  But are they all trustworthy and can they perform on their promises?

The answer is surprising…

In fact, most of those “I will buy your house” advertisements are just trying to promise you a fast cash offer… sign a contract with you… then turn around and try to find a buyer for that contract—those type of investors are called “wholesalers” and they operate much like a real estate agent.

Don’t believe me? Just google “wholesaling houses” and read what you find… a whole network of “investors” just brokering contracts to other cash buyers…. sounds just like what a real estate agent does, doesn’t it?

But we know that if you’re still reading this, that you’re looking for another option other than a real estate agent. You’re here because you don’t have many options to sell your house fast in Mesquite. 

You’re here because you’re in a situation that calls for a quick solution right now.

A situation like:

  • In foreclosure and need to act fast before the banks take away your equity and ruin your credit for years to come
  • Going through the probate process and about to inherit a house you really don’t want to deal with
  • You have a house that is practically un-sellable because it needs $15,000-$30,000 worth of repairs that you can’t afford or you just don’t want to deal with
  • You have a rental house that you’re tired of owning and want to get rid of the headache with the tenants in it
  • You have a financial or medical situation that keeps you from dealing with selling the home with an agent
  • You’re moving in a week and you need to sell your Mesquite house fast before the mortgage payment comes due

There are many situations like these (and we can fill this page with scenarios we’ve come across) that make listing a property a nightmare.


  • the hassle of finding a good agent (80% of the agents on the market are terrible)
  • paying $5,000 to $30,000 dollars for repairs (absolutely needed if you are going to list in a hot market)
  • spending your weekends cleaning for open houses and appointments (keeping your house clean and tidy all week is a must)
  • Dealing with many buyers going in and out of your house (Buyers and agents will want to have access to your house throughout the week and at various times)
  • Dealing with appraisers, inspectors, and agents (All these can make the selling process lag. For example, if an appraiser undervalues your home)
  • Waiting 3-6 months just to sell your house (and there’s no guarantee that it will sell in that time-frame)
  • Signing a “book” of contracts and documents (no one knows what these documents really say but in general they’re meant to protect your buyer)
  • Starting the listing process all over again because a potential buyer drops out of the deal because he/she got denied financing (the qualification process is 45 days AFTER you find this buyer)

I don’t think I have to continue beating the dead horse here… It’s obvious that selling a house under stressful conditions is not for everyone (and shouldn’t be!).

Fortunately, there is another option for those who just want the situation to be done with. 

And that option isn’t with a “wholesaler” looking to just find a cash buyer for you and risk coming back asking to renegotiate.

That option is with American Trust Home Buyers, who are REAL CASH BUYERS and have bought hundreds of homes throughout the country. And on day one, you can know that your house is sold and in 5 days celebrate with cash in your hand at The Posados Cafe Restaurant!

There’s more…

When you call us…

  1. You get a fair cash offer in 24 hours… a real offer by real buyers
  2. You can sell a Texas property by just sitting on the couch and dialing (214) 329-4444
  3. You won’t ever have to lift a finger for cleaning or repairs… leave your house the way it is (bugs and all)
  4. You’ll never have to reach into your pocket to pay a dime in costs or repairs…. we pay for ALL the closing costs
  5. Your situation is done-with and your home sold in 5 days… or on the date of your choice
  6. Once you get our fair no-obligation offer, you are guaranteed a sale… that’s because we are serious home buyers in Mesquite unlike wholesalers who have no money to buy your house

The only thing is… we are national. We are a business with employees and representatives. We AREN’T that small time investor that you may have been hoping to find.

And we get it, there’s a lot of distrust for big business in the real estate world after 2008. The banks and institutions ripped a lot of people off.

But here’s the difference between us and that small-time investor out there… we have a reputation to uphold…. That “one-man-show” investor can disappear tomorrow and no one will know it. We’ve been involved with hundreds of transactions so we’ve put a footprint in the real estate world and for the sake of feeding our families and keeping people employed, we’d like to stay in business.

To add to it…

…we know what it feels like to be treated like a “number”. That’s why we make sure our local representatives (right in your own backyard) create a personal connection just like that small-time investor. Our local representatives are set up in MANY areas and they know the people and the neighborhoods.

So if your still interested to see what our offer is and what we can do to help your situation…

… then contact your local representative at (214) 329-4444

You can also just fill out the form below, give us a name and number and your local representative will get on the phone with you ASAP for a cash offer!

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We buy houses in ANY CONDITION in Texas. There are no commissions or fees and no obligation whatsoever. Start below by giving us a bit of information about your property or call (214) 329-4444...
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